Friday, November 26, 2010

The aftereffects of Thanksgiving

I am supposed to be packing and shipping a series of orders from Midwest Furfest, the past week and an error I made. I should also be getting more of the Guild memberships in the mail. I have a dozen ready to go, but in the meantime we have about 20 more that have come in.

The real problem is not the time needed, it is that after yesterday's eating festival my whole system wants to lean back and do nothing. We will see how I do...

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Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving seems to have started as a day of thanks by a Puritanical Christian cult. A cult which had found freedom from repression in Europe.

I too want to celebrate that we, as Americans, are free of government repression, free of government religion and free to be secure in our own homes. I want to give thanks that in our free nation I can speak my mind in complete security that my friends, neighbors and government will defend my rights to be different, to believe different and act different. My ability to experience freedom is still a part of my life, but today we must fight bigotry, greed, and the Oligarchs for the right to be free. Now we will find out if the founders of a free nation wasted their efforts, or if we will support them.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quiet, the place is so quiet.

Sue is off at Midwest Furfest, where she is having a good weekend. Tonya is doing great. At the last report she has added eight new people to the Guild. That is great.

I have not been blogging much the past few days, the summer of running seems to have taken a toll. The body is doing everything in it's power to make me rest. I work for an hour and my eyes begin to close, pains rustle through the old joints and I lay down for a couple of hours. I really need to smell the roses more often, life is too good to spend it just working, living life needs to be added.

I have dug out the ten old NFS items that have not been around in ages. I am going to rework them and we are going to have to look for eight more along the same lines to get the tenth one republished.

In the "old" days we had to restrict items by rules. With the new system we can price them and just drain them on a Terrible Two. I am thinking that there should be a second roll here to try to restart the item. Ruining an item one in 36 uses is too much. I am thinking a second d6 roll where on a one the item has been worn out. That would work out to once in 216 uses. If you used an item 6 times during each nights play the item, on average, will last 36 adventures.

Well, that is it, I need a nap.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Organizing the Day

It is morning. The day lies before our sleepy eyes. The coffee has been inserted but, as of now, it is having little effect.

Stagger down the stairs, past the scowling skulls, around the waiting dog, through the half materialized spirit, to the coffee pot. Make more coffee, start the dishes. Wish one of these spirits could do dishes. Tried that once, but just got a floor full of soapy water.

The demon spawn machine tells me I have four art orders to print and process for shipping. Two more are at the printer and will be done Monday. Six orders to ship Tuesday. Ok, need to get those moving.

Ah, more coffee. Need that.

Alarms tell me I am behind about contacting Tonya and letting her know what Sue needs at Midwest Furfest next weekend. I need to prep a care package for her at the con. Hmmm, need to check the print books and be sure all the prints are ready to march out onto the table and sell themselves.

This coffee cup has a hole in one end. I think I saw a spirit with a straw slip in and get a drink. Frak, I need another mug of coffee. Now, if I were a Wizard I could just levitate the stuff to get another cup. Must go make more coffee. May as well make our yogurt and breakfast drink while I wait.

3/4 cup yogurt, flax, bilberry jam and call it breakfast. Stevia, Ginger, ginseng, don quay, yucca, cinnamon, nutmeg, saw palmetto, add water, stir and morning energy drink. Oh, and third mug of coffee.

Need to order dog pads for Mocha's bathroom. Horizontal badge holders and clips. Need to submit to those big eyes of hers and take her outside.

I think I will have to assign catching up the Guild applications to Mocha. Do them tomorrow if she doesn't get them done. I think we are nearing 20 now in the past two weeks.

I have 44 GM perk points to add to Sam. I think that will raise him in the Guild Clan. It will bring him over 100 CP. I will get 16 more by the end of Left Over Con, maybe 20. Need to get the new Screeches and thump cards done for Griffons. Sam needs them. With their affinity to the dead I think we should look at doing a "free" dead type card for Griffons. I am thinking of a couple of spell like abilities for the Big Pegasus to use. More powerful dispel.

Gotta drink this coffee and get to work. This thinking about work is inflaming the spirits. Such noisy pests. Besides, I am getting tired already.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

If I write, will they read?

I am always wondering what kind of stuff to write on these blogs. What do people want to read?

I was surprised at Pentacon by the player reaction to the way that I ran the game when Battle Sight was active.

I always think of GMing as a cooperative effort between the GM and the players. When a group establishes a Link it changes some of my explanations as a GM because the players are passing information back and forth at the speed of thought. When they activated Battle Sight it changed their perception of the world and I reflected that by expanding my explanations to the group.

What I did was to respond to my version of Battle Sight by writing it up on the DS blog. Now I want to know if this is the type of information that people are looking for in a blog.

The first reaction I got to this question was "I would like it as one of your Podcasts, I don't read blogs much. I miss the podcasts."

I could do this type of piece as both a blog piece and a podcast. In fact My little brain cell already has a thought on how to do the Battle Sight as a podcast.

Now I am going to stop writing this and await your thoughts..

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Recovery time and a little work

Mocha is helping Sue and I rake leaves in the yard. The city will be by in just a few days to pick up leaves from the street. Mocha is very helpful, she supervises.

I am behind on getting Guild cards out, I will catch up soon. We are getting a number of groups starting/restarting DS playing. Maryland, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Washington, even The Netherlands. Things are looking good for DS. Now we need to get people involved in the Guild Clans. I hear Ann has some ideas, but we need more involvement to make them go.

I had a Clan spirit to be rescued in my games at Pentacon, but nobody looked to the spirit world to find her.

We were so tired I forgot all about giving out the GM bonus cards at the Con. I need to ask Tim to help keep track of that. Maybe he can remind me that we are doing it.

I have tried getting some work done, but after a couple of hours today I started shaking and went to take a nap. I think my body is trying to tell me something. I am going to listen and take another break.

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Home and Happy

We are back home from PentaCon and falling down. I have a few things I have to get done today, but everything else will have to wait.

Had a really good time at PentaCon. I always enjoy seeing friends there.

I am doing an FAQ based on questions from the Con. I will get it posted around the time of our next newsletter in a few days. It will be broken into a guideline FAQ and a GM Hints and Tips FAQ.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Fort Wayne

We are here for the PentaCon show.
Tonight we are going to lay back and enjoy some time together.
I am also trying out posting from the iPhone. We shall see how that works.
Good night and Good gaming!

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sue is back, a day off is called for

Sue had a good time at FurFright. We should have sent her with DS too, but with her being solo that is rough.

We are going to take the day off and relax. There is a lot to do, but living has come to the top. We just will not get as much done for Pentacon as we wanted.

Have a good one, we will!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Sue returns in an hour!

Not sure how I should get ready, but I sure have missed her. I better take Mocha out for a walk. I am not going to let Sue out of my sight for hours!

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