Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just another day at the clanhold

I am sitting down and taking a look inside my mind, which is a very scary place.

Sue and I had a good talk this morning. I am not sure how she does it, but she cleared up several difficulties I was looking at without ever directly talking about them.

Afterwards I spent some time working on the Way Of Series of cards. With the new layout provided in the Set write ups I can talk about the implications of cards in a way that was not possible before. The Way Of Series of cards are taking about half a page each to write.

I am hoping that the players and GM's take the time to read these before they just take a card for the stats without considering the possibilities. The idea is for players to choose careers to enhance the characters personality.

We have bumped the number of Way Of cards to nine to fill out the Set. Way Of Herbalist and Way of Woodsman are being added.

Each will have something they can do between adventures and they have a skill bonus as well. There is a section discussing the possible ways a GM can use these for happenings in games and ways players can use them. I think after people take a good read of some of these things they will have more adventure ideas and more creative uses of what were mundane cards.

The stats are all staying the same so people who have the cards and just get the PDF will be able to use the cards just as they are. We still want people to keep using there old cards. Yes, we want them to buy more as well, but we do not want to force them to.

Well, time for a nap.

Sue liked my write up of her game, but she is still writing the adventure, so I have not seen it.

Good Night and Good Gaming.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Trip to the Farm, DS gaming

You see, I'm not really a bad kid. Things just seem to happen when I am around, my ma always said I was like that. Anyway, after I killed a bully in town, things went a little south. Apparently he had a powerful family, while my family are refugees. That equals, well, I lost at a trial I did not go to, and I am a convicted murderer. I am also a Rogue, Valarian, Nightwitch, elven Griffon shape shifter.

So, there we were training near the safe house and up the road comes the 19 members of my family. They were also forced out of town. What could I do? After long negotiations with our dead Mentors and their contacts, we found a place to move my family to. I think the Wakana in the new homestead had something to do with the land being available, but what can you do.

After buying supplies we mounted an expedition to move my family. Ma and my Uncle led the family and I did what I could to heal them. I was proud of my companions as they to pitched in to get the family in shape for the trip. I was accompanied by Foxy Luv, a Tigrean, Jinxus, an Ebony Elf and Fenrick, a human Elementalist.

Things started out pretty rough. My family was in terror/awe of Jinxus and Foxy because they were shifters and the first time Fenrick used magic they almost bolted because they thought he was a necromancer. It took an awful lot of work to get things moving smoothly. Jinxus and Foxy did not help much, both of them found my unwashed relatives to be smelly. To me it smelled like home and brought back a lot of memories I would like to forget. Well, what are you going to do, they are family.

As we traveled Foxy managed to provide a nice supply of meat for the stew pot, that was down right kindly of her. Fenrick managed to clean up a couple of diseased people, my sister Barry and brother Gyminias among them. So things were moving nicely when we started getting nightly harassment from the Wakana. They just did not act right though, and one of them was riding a giant Wolf that looked to be a drakkel wolf crossbreed. I had never seen anything like it, but Jinxus took it out with some kind of magic eye thing dragons can do. I like having a dragon around, especially one that can put up a Channel Link.

When we finally arrived at the new farmstead it just did not feel right. Foxy and I searched the area and found Wakana tracks here, fresh ones. Our guess was that they had already scouted the place for a major attack on us. We set up the camp in the middle of the clearing and then hid the family along the edge that first night. Jinxus and I guarded the fake camp and Foxy and Fenrick took the families sides.

Sure enough, they came at us in the fake camp. They stepped out to use there slings and I shifted to draw the fire, and I'll be damned if Jinxus didn't shift in to dragon right next to me. The Wakana, of course, fired everything they had at the dragon, but in the process I caught sight of the one giving orders. I broke away to get him, thinking that if I could take out the pack leader they would run. That SOB teleported! All I got to kill was some nameless monster he had left behind. Jinxus followed me in and killed another.

The next round Fenrick and Foxy started working at the edges, but the Wakana Pack Leader was still running things and the Wakana closed and started melee with Jinxus. They sure were pounding the crap out of him! I fired off my healing into him as they pounded him. When the link went down I knew we had a serious problem. Then the Pack Leader Teleported back in and headed for Jinxus. I threw myself in the way and blocked him. He hit me, I hit him, Foxy landed as a winged cat on Jinxus and started licking him. Fenrick took out another one and then I caught sight of my shriveled old uncle coming out of the woods. Around him were half a dozen of my family with slings. They moved forward in a decent formation. It brought a tear to my eye seeing uncle back in action. A couple of the unengaged Wakana were even more unhappy than can be expressed easily and they died from sling stones slamming in to them.

I got a good break and I pushed back the Wakana who were after Jinxus. I had a wonderful streaking Screech took out one and I got a healthy strike in to the Pack Leader as they tried to back out of the battle. Jinxus launched himself in to the air and I was glad to know he would live to fight another day. With the family and Fenrick backing me I went after the pack, and I began to wonder if I would see another day, but when you have them on the run you have to push, right?

Fenrick, the family and I took out another Wakana each and the Pack Leader decided he could get more boys, so he split.

Afterwards there was much wine and song. It was my family, so uncle and I discouraged any additional celebrations.

There you have it, we survived one more time in Sue's game, even if it was a rather close call for two of us.

I am thinking about adding another Screech and maybe a universal blood surge, but a Good Moves or Set Traps could come in handy. I also have to look at the Full Skyrider Blood Surge, although I do not recall the CP of it and I have only seven to get. What about Purify? Almost too many choices.

I see Sue over at her machine typing, I believe she is revising her written adventure she had. I would like to see what she did for this one.

Good Night and Good Gaming!

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More Games at the Secret Clanhold

Sue has been preparing all day for tonights game. Both she and I are doing a lot of writing in preparing for games. We plan on turning it into published materials.

Anyway, I am getting a little nervous about all of the Warp Storm hoppers that are appearing in the neighborhood of the safe house. Sam is at 47 CP and I just added Storm Wars to the crazy kid. Hey, he is just a kid and he does not like those hoppers, so he is getting ready to show his irritation. He is already a wanted criminal and very conflicted about it. He has both the Rogue basic card and the Valarian basic card. I am not sure which way he will go.

Ok, time to get ready, maybe some meditation to start with.

Good Night and Good Gaming!

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Writing and other work

I am getting a lot of words down on paper and a few other projects are rolling along nicely.

I have Jikadell, Valarian, Dragon, version 1.1 Guidelines, Guild Guide and Hadleys Safe House all in Sue's inbox for editing.

I have the real rough Necromancy and Elethay pieces done, but they need a few hours each before I can send them on.

Today we have family obligations that will tie up a few hours, so my work time is going to be truncated. I also have a series of print jobs that have to be done today for the Art by end of the business, I think I can get those done in four or five hours.

I also need to calm the old brain and have some words with my ancestors about everything.

I finished up the prep for the upcoming Familiar Place web comic, so that is falling in to place.

I got the GM cards from Dragon Storm and Kanchaka into big PDF files and I will be linking them on Monday as an update to our DS content page. They work nice in the iPad, but they are ungainly in the computers. I guess we need some of the Vaporware from other companies to become reality before we can find out.

Now, the laundry is calling me. I think I shall succumb to it's siren call and start a load.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

My mind, it does wander

There is an awful lot that I need to do in life, everything from doing dishes (I just finished) to grocery shopping to writing up the Valarian background sheet.

I had a piece here on the difference between real world economics and fantasy economics, but would anyone be swayed by reality? Or would everyone just keep blinding believing in the fantasies "they" continually spout? Common Sense and logic should tell everyone we have a problem and that the economic model is broken. It is the biggest news in the world. Everywhere people are meeting and talking about what we need to do, what we need to change, to make this the world we want to live in. Every day the news is covering the issue. The world is changing, the situation is new, it is different. The economic system that saw the rise and fall of the Sumerians, Greeks, Romans and everything since is no longer working. We need to stop and think. Time for a new model, this one is 3,000 plus years old and things have changed.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Too busy, and happy about it!

We are trying to do a number of projects all at the same time and I am feeling good about it.

For everyone who is wondering where their Guild cards are, I just finished putting them all in envelopes last night and they go to the post office in the morning.

We have created a format for doing set guidelines. The first set that has the full treatment is the new Shaman Set 31. These are going to have background materials and cards. The format is such that you can import it to portables or iPad like devices and look through them. We put a big cover on them so when they are on the "shelves" of ipads or kindles you can read the title. Each of these is taking a surprising amount of time for writing, revising, editing and final edits, but it will be worth it. This will slow down releases, but they will be more "complete".

While cards are unavailable we expect people to use the blank cards from Set 8 to make Proxies. If you need a card or more, make them and keep playing.

I am currently working on the Set 11 Witchcraft write up and it is nearly done. Our Spirit Advisor slowed me by deciding that she would like to see Beguiling Images replaced in the set with a new card. It is called Earth Deflection, and it is a good card, real good. I am thinking I should renumber the set as "32" because it will be version 1.1 safe and have a new card. We shall see.

Familiar Place is proving to be a success as a Web Comic and we have more such comics we would like to do. Each new comic will take several months to prep and get rolling. We will be adding that prep work to the schedule. No, I am not going to tell what it is, but it will be DS related.

Everyone knows that we have changed the format for the Guild and Sue and I are working on it. In fact I just finished putting all the Guild Cards in envelopes last night and they go out in the mail tomorrow.
The High Councilors have been helping a lot. Ann has been putting up with my Madness especially well and she has been a Fantastic. She is doing a lot of work and needs to hear it. Thanks Ann!
The Guild Official changes are nearing completion and they will be easier for people to deal with. You can get a hint by downloading the new Character sheet on the DS content page.

The new Version 1.1 Guidelines are also nearing completion. The Spirit Advisor and Hyarch will go head to head Tuesday for a "discussion". It should probably be a pay-to-view show. We will be putting these out as an errata sheet. I want to redo the entire rules and publish them as a book, but that is going to take time. Maybe for spring.
Tim has provided a spreadsheet with space to put all of the card errata right in a card list. That project will begin after the version rules are finalized.
I am going to once again say that we are not leaving the old cards behind. We will find a way to support them. It will cause some in game inconvenience, but it will preserve peoples investments. It is a trade off that we are making rather than acting like every other company.

That is enough for one day.

Good Night and Good Gaming!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Work is slowing my blogging

It seems that I find my time to blog when my mind has hit a roadblock and I need to get the gears moving.

I have finished up the Shaman Set 31 Guidelines. I need to leave it for a couple of days and then review it for a final time.

I am sitting here working on the Guidelines for the witchcraft set and I am trying to find the words to express what we mean. It is a lot more difficult than it looks.

Well, back to work.

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