Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Successful Experiment at Animarithon

Sue and I drove down to Bowling Green for a one day Anime convention as an experiment. It went well.

Yes, we did expand the number of people who will be playing DS and who appreciate Sue's art, but there was more, a lot more.

I like these young people. They have ears on both sides of their heads, and they use them. In general they are also mentally flexible. By that I mean that they have not yet locked their minds down into any ideology, or have become set in their ways. They still have open minds.

They do not have as much life experience as older people, but that is something they will gain. And they will gain it from the future rather than from the past.

They are going to make a different world than we live in, and I am going to like it.

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Friday, March 25, 2011

We live in interesting times

As Sue works on the newest draft of the DS 2.0 rules I get short messages of "I need an appendix of X" or sometimes it is y, but you get the idea. I am looking forward to seeing what she is getting done. I really expect to see the near finished rules in the next few days. Then I get to do an edit and lay it out.

The cards are slowly coming through the system and we have a lot of them at near publishing stage. I am dipping into the card ideas that people have sent in to the web, and they will recognize a number of their ideas as the cards come along. I am actually surprised that we do not have a lot more ideas from people, but there you go.

I have been putting in a lot of hours for the past few months and it is giving me a number of minor pains, aches and strange food cravings. A couple of weeks ago I slept 18 hours a day for three days in a row. That seemed to help. Once we get this project well in hand I am taking a vacation.

Change is difficult for people to deal with, but we are happy with how well DS people are dealing with it. Groups that started playing with the changes last summer are telling us the new version is more fun and easier to play. We still have some people who are afraid to make the jump. We understand. Therefore we left "Classic" in place for them. Classic groups will need to evaluate some of the new cards and decide if they want to use them. The new limiters allow us to create some cards that will be "broken" if you do not use the limiters, but that we leave to the Classic GM's. It is their game and they have 3.4 to assist them.

Sue has just dropped a pile of sketches on me to be scanned so she can complete cards and commissions, so I must go.

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