Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Health and Conventions, not looking good.

It began a few years ago, but it seems to be getting worse. Whenever I go to a series of conventions, I wind up sick. I have no idea what is causing this, but it is true. I assume there is a reason. I have a multitude of hypotheses, with no proof.

So, I am recovering from pneumonia. The body has decided that I will sit and do next to nothing. When I move, the nose runs. When I talk, the throat itches and I cough rather than talk. When I sit here and focus on writing, the chest tightens and I start to wheeze. The result is I am doing a lot of nothing. Fortunately I am very good at nothing.

What I have been successful at doing is to clear the old mind of a lot of preconceived "truths" that are just opinions and habits. It is helping me to recover my open mind. The problem with an open mind is there are a lot of people waiting to fill it with their garbage.

So far it looks like this blog posting software is going to work.

I also need to find out how it works with photos. I will give that a test by adding a DragonVale screenshot as a picture.

I have been playing DragonVale on the iPad. It is not a type of game I would have played in the past, but I am enjoying this one. I spend just a few minutes a day now on it as I diligently research dragon breeding. I am not very lucky at it, but what the heck.

Yes, I can put text in after a picture. It was certainly unclear how to do this, but it does seem to work. Now, let's post this.

Testing new Blog poster

The blogging software I was using to post to blogs has failed to update, so I am finally getting around to finding working software.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Getting ready for PentaCon and other thoughts

We are slowly getting a good system down for manufacturing the cards. Neal is coming over once a week now and doing the actual card cutting and packaging. If you look through your cards you will see some art by Neal Morrisey, yes, same guy. That means he has an idea of what we are doing, so he can make good judgement calls. Anyway, the card quality is getting better every week now.

I have printed and laminated a batch of cards for him to do tonight. The laminating takes a good deal of time in this process as getting the sheets into the laminate and placed correctly takes time. By getting them laminated Neal can keep up with weekly cutting.

November is going to be an interesting month. We have shows of one type or another every weekend this month. That pretty much takes out dedicating time to a longer project like another shifter or magic school series. I still have a bit of tweaking to do on the Witchcraft cards, the Get to Know pages need updating and there are a lot of other little projects I have let slide. So, for this month I am going to do a lot of little things that no one will notice. To try to help people keep up I will be posting the links to new stuff on my twitter account. You can either sign up for it direct or check on the right hand side of this blog for my twitter feed.

I am discovering all sorts of new tech going on around me, and I have to say that it fascinates me. When the time comes to get the direct to the brain computer hookup I am going to be right there in line using my cane to drive back the kids. I want my direct connection to the Internet NOW!

At the moment I need to do some tweaking on the backgrounds, get the orders packed to ship in the morning, and make some labels. Sue is upstairs painting, so I am using a jury rigged computer set up down on the gaming table. That makes everything slower, I really like my big screen so I can see everything I am working on.