Thursday, April 29, 2010

Experimenting with life

Susan and I are trying a number of new methods of working and living. Since we first published Dragon Storm in 1996 many aspects of our lives, technology and in the world have changed significantly. Even more has changed since my own earliest memories, dating back into the 1950's. People of my age seem to come in three broad ranges of thinking.

First are those who have let their Lizard Brain scare them. They have hunkered down and want to keep all of the "stuff and power" just as it is. A second segment are determined to return to a wonderful past that they remember. These people are controlled by the fear emanating from their Lizard Brains. They do not seem to remember the bad things that existed "back then". The third group, hopefully the one I am in, is amazed at how much the world has changed. I have seen many problems overcome,new technologies, and new opportunities. Certainly the world has problems, new problems created while solving the old ones. I was tired of the old problems anyway, so dealing with the new problems look both possible and exciting to me.

For us the most I important feature of today's world are the new opportunities. To be able to take the ti e to actually enjoy these opportunities we are experimenting with new life styles. We are breaking our schedule into "full steam ahead" periods of about six weeks and "slow down and think" periods of two weeks. The idea is to take time to consider the effects of what we have done and plan what we need to do in the next work period. With the world itself changing around us at speeds I never dreamed possible we want to work with those changes and enjoy seeing them happen.

Monday we began a two week "creative and thoughtful" period. We are looking at our maintenance work, like accounting and record keeping. It needs work. Our creative process needs consideration as well. We have tried several methods over the past few years and none have satisfied us. We will keep looking for a way that we can enjoy.

I seem to have arrived at a mental block, so I will take some time to talk to Mocha, as Sue is away at the moment.

In the meantime, have a good game, or enjoy a good memory from games past.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday night and time to experiment for a moment

Sue has begun using the iPad for some art. This will be Tigrean Hunting card image.

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Time for a few thoughts, scary idea there

At home con I found out about Dave's cancer. I had a talk with him and he described the problem. While I am saddened by the news I am also glad that I met and came to know Dave. He is a good man, and there are too few good people in the world.

I find that at small events like HomeCon I can actually talk to people in ways that the larger Cons don't make easy. While Sue was running her game I had the opportunity to sit and talk to good old fashioned role-players. I always find the input to be both entertaining and useful. It helps me understand the different aspects of role-players.

Dragon Storm is a small community of gamers who support the efforts of Sue and myself. There are several different flavors of gamers out there in the community. I can't even peg it down to just two. it is more complex that that. I really need to understand the varying needs of the people who support us so we can plot a course that will bring everyone as much fun as possible.

We are also doing a lot of thinking now that we have these ipads in our hands. I have been using portables for most of my work for a long time now and have been satisfied. Sometimes I wish that I was working on a desktop so that I can have the power and screen real estate that it provides, but I find the flexibility of the portable to valuable to give up. Now I have the iPad in my hand and I find that there is a third class of tools available. It brings a new perspective to the table. The functions are broken down into small pieces that bring into focus each task. It allows the App designer to answer a single question, and to answer it well. You do not look for a program that gives you a wide range of options, you look for an App that does a specific task.

Last night I got an App the is called MyPDF's. It allows me to import the PDF's from the computer and use them on the iPad. When I turn the iPad to it's "up" position it shows a page of cards or text in an extremely readable format. The nine card sheets that we have been doing show up wonderful. It makes me wonder about all of the possibilities in this machine for the GM. I am going to sit myself down and begin trying ways of formatting a PDF page that would allow me to create an encounter that would be right there to run from. With the extended battery life of this machine and the ability to turn it sideways for ease of use it may well be a new tool that I will be using a lot of as a GM and designer. It can never replace a computer by itself, by it certainly adds an aspect to computer use that will allow a lot of increased productivity. It will be even better this fall once the multi-tasking is added.

Well, that is enough for now. Many thoughts, ideas and concepts are running through the old brain bucket and I actually want to try several of them out. A refreshing concept, a tool that makes me want to work.

a quick linking test

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Great time at HomeCon, now on to Flint ComicCon

I am glad we got down to HomeCon. I'll post more later. I have to get Sue down to the Flint ComicCon for today's show.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Behind Already?

Ok then. Time has once again perpetrated a successful sneak attack on us. We are late leaving for HomeCon.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another interesting day is ending

I got a lot of work done today despite it being one of those days where interruptions are the primary event.

I have continued to wonder what exactly I want to do when I grow up. The last half century, plus a bit, has been interesting, and fun, but where am I going next? What I do know is that I am happy to be here during these times. There are problems, troubles and stupid leaders, but that was true when I grew up too. Today's problems are a combination of new troubles and problems that the generations proceeding me shunted forward rather than solving. We are solving a few things and shunting the rest forward. We have been doing that for 8,000 years now, maybe longer, so it is nothing new.

I do know that the ads that keep popping up on our LJ/DS blog are bothering me. My plan is to eliminate one more blog by starting to put all of our game and SVC announcements on a single blog.

The above link will be to the new page. Now, I need to get a few things done in prep for both HomeCon on Friday and the Flint ComicCon on Saturday. It should be another interesting experience.
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

FCN going well

We are doing well at the convention. Sue is doing art directly on her iPad at the show. Looks real good.

My reactions to the con center are interesting. One thing I do not like about swelling as an allergic reaction is that it brings a lot of joint pain with it. *sigh*

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

As ready for Furry Connection North as We are going to be

Tomorrow the con begins. We are do to be there at 10ish AM to get set up. That means leaving here before 9 and getting up at about 7. Normally this would not be a big deal, but that is getting close to my normal go to sleep time.

We have a few DS devotees at the convention, so we will be taking DS with. We only have a single table so we will only have a small space and that will be dominating the table space. People will have to ask about DS. I'll check into the gaming area and see if maybe we can set something up for next year.

I am hoping that the hotels are better for my breathing in this year. The Hotel where Ohayocon/Marcon/Origins in was a little better at Ohayocon this year. Hopefully it will stay that way. Being allergic to some common cleaning products has side effects. Feeling crappy during a con does not improve my attitude. Unfortunately I can not even blame the hotels, because it is keeping them clean that gets to me...

As for the experience with this new tangled device called an iPad. It is a wonderful, useful and worthy accessory. It is not a computer, jus a very good tool. It is definitely making some jobs, like writing much easier. It looks like it will also be helping out with our accounting. This tool is good for doing one thing at a time. That means if you need two or three programs open to do your work, you will be better off on a computer. If you get one of these, do not expect it to be a computer, it was obviously not designed to be a computer. Expect it to be a device that let's you perform specific tasks like blogging, writing or personal accounting, e-mail, read the news, or look at Porno. Tasks like my laying out publishing sheets etc. It is increasing my productivity, and is worth it. It is the device between a phone and a computer that my work flow has been missing.

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convention packing here at the Secret Clanhold

Sue has taken her brother in to the hospital for some tests today. I am here packing for the con tomorrow. FCN is about an hour down the road from us here, so we will be driving back and forth for the next three days.

I will have a small amount of DS at the con with us, including the new sets. Since we will be back home each night I can bring what we need to the show the next day. I am doing the same thing with Sue's art prints as well. If we have a shortage I can print at night from home.

Sue just arrived. I am going to get me a hug!

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Aftermath of the Game

We played much longer than usual last night. Eventually we managed to battle six of the new Mighty Madspawn, so the evenings scheduled work, including testing the Unicorn shifter school for the new game, had to be put on hold.

With a Van half filled with scraps from the kitchen remodeling the con prep for this weekend is getting messed up as well. I need to load up some more trash and get my posterior to the city dump.

I also have not finished the web work associated with yesterdays shipping and new sets. Right after getting the e-mails under control I will get on the web work. Then yard maintenance really needs attention, the grass is starting to a serious grow going so there is "stuff" that needs doing or I will be behind all spring. This afternoon I will get an answer from Sue about the Mighty Madspawn Guidelines and get those tweaked files up tonight.

It has been suggested that we do the AROC cards as two nine card sets instead of a single 18 card set. I think I can divide them that way, and may well do so. Those sets have to be completed and ready to go during the convention this weekend. I will see how that works out...

I have done a lot of organizational work this winter to get the main floor of the house ready to start having people come up and play a few games with us here. It may be a way of getting in better touch with people and to sell some games and artwork direct, and it could be fun. We have a couple of cheap hotels not far away that have good access to food etc. So we can get the info on those and make it available. Long term planning goes on.

Sometimes, with everything going on I wonder about the sanity of doing another game. The problem for us is that we need more than one game world to play to stay interested in the old world. So far nobody is publishing an rpg that we want to play as a second game. They are just too this or that and do not suite us. I guess we are too picky, but we want fun stuff.

I really liked running the Mighty Madspawn last night. I was able to challenge a 1300 card point group with just a few cards. I am going to create a set of weaker Mighty Madspawn with the idea of few cards on them and start using them when we play DS. It makes the GM's duties easier. I just need some bad guys between these monsters and the regular Prime Spawn.

Ok, enough of this. Typing has become easier and quicker on this iPad than ever before, and I think I am getting carried away. I was actually happy with the ease of writing up the MM guidelines went at 3 AM. I just need Sue to look and see if my nocturnal writing made any sense at all. I am going to go make breakfast for Sue NOW!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Aristotle is the Real deal

Aristotle thinks the Valarians and Rogues that came at him should have stayed longer. He only killed one. The characters are thinking they should have run just a little sooner. Finally a clear Mighty Madspawn victory.

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Cherry is embarrassed.

Players are way too smart. Cherry dies like a dog.

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Verang sends them packing.

The party gave it there best shot but the Mighty Madspawn Verang sent the party packing. Only timely use of Share prevented a couple of deaths. Well played, but he was just too much for a 1300 card point party.

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Rerrith falls, Mighty Madspawn having trouble

Rerrith died in the sixth round. The characters were discussing escape as he died. It was close.

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Marlly is dead.

1300 in characters. Marlly died in round two.

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And Now They Assemble to meet the Mighty Madspawn

Word has gone out. The Renich Temple sits on the edge of the warp line, we are using it as a base for Cleansing the warped areas. Obviously we have pushed Black Bane far enough that he has sent one of the Mighty Madspawn to tear it down. The local Valarians have been scattered, there moral broken by the sight of the monsters. We need this one destroyed to show that it is possible to defeat these things.

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Morning Thinking in the Clanhold

Sue is feeling poorly this morning, she has picked up a migraine and reactions to all of the nasty green stuff outside. Myself, I am doing pretty well, just a few sniffles. Another cup of strong coffee will solve all my problems.

I will be spending my day getting at the backlog of work caused by tax season. I will go back and double check the numbers this afternoon, then comes the check writing part of the taxes.

I have been reading the good and bad reviews of the iPad. Interesting reading. My personal experience so is that it is an amazing tool that does what it was designed to do, but like all tools you need to look carefully and decide if you need it. The iPad will be an asset to writers, e-bayers, and anyone who has abandoned the TV world. I love this keyboard, how do I get one on my computer?

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Sunday, April 4, 2010

This is the first day of the rest of my life. I think I like it.

Well then let me see what I can do to get this started. It seems to me that it was a tough day to get started. The morning saw me trying a few new things with the iPad. It has also made me wonder about the future of this world. Soon we will all be able to access the world through the Internet. This will bring with it both positive and negative responses. Some will do everything they can to try to maintain the fascist controls of the current era. Some will try to retreat into the medieval past, and maybe they like the famines among the peasants, who knows. For myself I have got to stick my head up and take a look at what tomorrow will bring us.

The first thing that tomorrow has brought me is a keyboard theta suites my four finger typing methods. My big problem now is going to be trying to figure out how to make all data entry this fast and efficient. I know that it is a new idea and that it will not work for all, but I am much faster on the iPad keyboard than on any keyboard I have used before. It could even bring some fun back into the entering of letters to an article.

Now, if I can get my thoughts all going in the same direction I could solve a whole slew of problems. What about this government thing. Ah yes, I have a solution, but no one wants a solution, no money, no bribes, no cheating to be fun. My solution only benefits the people and the few remaining capitalists. I fear that the fascists of the welfare corporations are not going to give up there immorally gained power and money. They no longer even recognize capitalism, they firmly being on the government dole is capitalism. It is not. That is a welfare corporation.

WOW! All of these words typed in a single sitting, just cranking out miscellaneous
Thoughts. I had better stop this and fire up another episode of Babylon 5

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More Experimenting

I do not know what happens when I turn on Facebook in this app, but I will know soon.

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just getting used to the Ipad

Life is filled with experiments, and this is one. I have picked up a blogging app for the iPad and now we shall see how it works.

I really like the way they set up the emailer on the pad. I read a comment that it makes email almost fun, it is true.

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Blogging from the Ipad

I am sitting here with the iPad typing away merrily. We shall see how this works. I had to go the "HTML" instead of the "compose" section to get the ability to enter when signed in and doing this "on-line". I will start looking for an app that allows remote entry.

The first question that I had was how the keyboard was going to work. I have the answer and it is great for those of us who practice the "hunt and peck" method of typing. I am going to guess that it is easily faster than a keyboard. I will have to hook up the Bluetooth keyboard for a test, but I think I will not need it.

Susan's first art that came off of her Ipad looks amazing. She is going to be able to do a lot with one of these.

Yes, we have ipads

We are still exploring the devices, but I can tell you that they are better than I expected. Artwork, accounting, writing and easy to handle anywhere, (So far).

There is so much in this little package that it is going to take a while to learn what it can really do.

I got more done on the new game with this in the first day than I had dreamed possible.

More latter.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ipad, and more

Well, I did not get an iphone, no touch. I did not see enough to go there. I stuck with a Classic for music. But the ipad will have work programs. In fact for $19.90 I can get both Word and Excel compatible programs for reading and writing. So, mine arrives tomorrow, they tell me.

Right now I am doing taxes, so I am not in the best of moods... I should complete them today.