Thursday, April 29, 2010

Experimenting with life

Susan and I are trying a number of new methods of working and living. Since we first published Dragon Storm in 1996 many aspects of our lives, technology and in the world have changed significantly. Even more has changed since my own earliest memories, dating back into the 1950's. People of my age seem to come in three broad ranges of thinking.

First are those who have let their Lizard Brain scare them. They have hunkered down and want to keep all of the "stuff and power" just as it is. A second segment are determined to return to a wonderful past that they remember. These people are controlled by the fear emanating from their Lizard Brains. They do not seem to remember the bad things that existed "back then". The third group, hopefully the one I am in, is amazed at how much the world has changed. I have seen many problems overcome,new technologies, and new opportunities. Certainly the world has problems, new problems created while solving the old ones. I was tired of the old problems anyway, so dealing with the new problems look both possible and exciting to me.

For us the most I important feature of today's world are the new opportunities. To be able to take the ti e to actually enjoy these opportunities we are experimenting with new life styles. We are breaking our schedule into "full steam ahead" periods of about six weeks and "slow down and think" periods of two weeks. The idea is to take time to consider the effects of what we have done and plan what we need to do in the next work period. With the world itself changing around us at speeds I never dreamed possible we want to work with those changes and enjoy seeing them happen.

Monday we began a two week "creative and thoughtful" period. We are looking at our maintenance work, like accounting and record keeping. It needs work. Our creative process needs consideration as well. We have tried several methods over the past few years and none have satisfied us. We will keep looking for a way that we can enjoy.

I seem to have arrived at a mental block, so I will take some time to talk to Mocha, as Sue is away at the moment.

In the meantime, have a good game, or enjoy a good memory from games past.

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