Wednesday, December 21, 2011

On my way to Christmas.

It is now just a few days before Christmas and everything is quiet in the neighborhood. It is a good time for me to reflect on all of the good things in my life. The funny thing is that there are so many of them I have no idea where to begin. I am most thankful for Sue and all of my friends spread out across the country. Sure, there are problems, but life is too good to get depressed about the irritating details.

To make life even better, Sue got a Rainbow dragon in DragonVale.

Last night we played in a most excellent DS game run by Sue.
One thing I can say is that when a Warrior is in a labrynth, without a healer, you really should have a pile of Parries and Ducks. By the time you get to that twelfth or so fight without rest time, you really want to avoid getting hammered, again.
It was a good game!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Just another month, so they tell me.

The village Mother scowled at KaJon. She did not understand this Das Karr. Why could he not understand that his territorial marking is bad, offensive, and must stop.

She followed the scowl up with a nasty glare. "Why do you do this? Tell me!"

KaJon shuffled his feet and stared at the ground. "It is the Wakana. You see, those monsters mark territory too. They take my markings as a challenge and they can not help but respond with a mark of their own. So, each day I check the markings, and if a Wakana has been sneaking around, scouting for a raid, they will forget what they are doing and leave a mark. Then I know they are nearby and we can hunt them."

Mother Bastille opened her mouth, closed it, and reached back for her chair. She sat slowly and considered KaJon. "Crap, he actually has a reason and it almost makes sense."

"Ok, leave that for now. We have an ongoing mission I need you to join. Take these potions with you. I will have you teleported in to the Labryinth. Tell Jinxis that he must keep going. Clean out the place. That damned Rogue is continuing it's hunt for necro's. They will teleport to that warped Labryinth for safety. You people need to be there to catch them by surprise."

As KaJon walked out, she sighed. "Now, all I have to do is get some volunteers out there to rebuild farmhouses and pacify the innocents that the Rogue burns out of house and home. Damn the heart of Jikadell! Why do we always have to clean up after those Rogues? I suppose because someone has too."

Still slowly playing DragonVale. Got the three islands, the special Breeding ground and the Sun and Moon dragons. Still no Rainbow dragon in sight.

Sue just got a 48 hour breeding result from a Reindeer and Blazing Dragon getting it on. We will have to wait two days to see what special dragon it is.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Being sick leaves time to play.

As it turns out sitting in one place quietly leaves just enough energy to play with the iPad. And I have DragonVale for time consuming.

Last night I put together a breeding pair of Cold Dragon (lvl 10, left) and a Swamp Dragon (lvl 10, right) and got the special christmas Reindeer Dragon. Actually it was my second try, I got Seaweed the first time.

So, being sick does have rewards.

So, there I was at midnight putting myself to bed when I put in a Blue Fire (lvl 10, left) and Crystal (lvl 10, right) and I get this:

Ok, I took the picture late, but one of the special dragons (Rainbow, Moon or Sun) is on the way.

Next the new Breeding Island came on line. I put the Reindeer (lvl 10, left) and Scorch (lvl 10, right) and boom, another 48 hour breeding time. So I have a second special dragon on the way.

I think it means I will be getting better now. Good luck breeds good luck.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas comes to DragonVale, and recovering.

Christmas has come to DragonVale. Everything went snowy.

I sat in a chair yesterday and drooled. I am feeling better health wise, but I feel guilty about the jobs not getting done. Building up orders to be shipped. We have sold through so much in the last month I need to manufacture cards to fill the orders.

Now, time to change tactics and stare at the wall for a day.