Saturday, December 3, 2011

Being sick leaves time to play.

As it turns out sitting in one place quietly leaves just enough energy to play with the iPad. And I have DragonVale for time consuming.

Last night I put together a breeding pair of Cold Dragon (lvl 10, left) and a Swamp Dragon (lvl 10, right) and got the special christmas Reindeer Dragon. Actually it was my second try, I got Seaweed the first time.

So, being sick does have rewards.

So, there I was at midnight putting myself to bed when I put in a Blue Fire (lvl 10, left) and Crystal (lvl 10, right) and I get this:

Ok, I took the picture late, but one of the special dragons (Rainbow, Moon or Sun) is on the way.

Next the new Breeding Island came on line. I put the Reindeer (lvl 10, left) and Scorch (lvl 10, right) and boom, another 48 hour breeding time. So I have a second special dragon on the way.

I think it means I will be getting better now. Good luck breeds good luck.

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