Thursday, October 16, 2008

Travels of Kit

I got going and when I finished putting up two more pages on the Gatekeeper Comic I saw that Sue had sent me descriptions for the first four pages of The Travels of Kit. Well, I couldn't resist. So, if you go to myonlinecomics, check for the picture and link to the Travels of Kit


HeHe. I just posted on the DS blog a post that should have been here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday, Paperwork Daze

It is tuesday and my primary duty is to do the business paperwork for the week. Since the Post Office was closed yesterday I also need to make a shipping run.

I am, once again working on the DS Market. It is tricky to change the old one as it is an integrated unit and does not lend itself to piecemeal updating. That means I can't just "flip" a switch and replace a piece at a time. On the positive side I finally have a format for the pages that I like. The main page highlights the cards for a category (Cast is done and here.) and allows linking to the individual pages with larger pictures. I am setting up each of the card pages to be able to browse through them directly without returning to the main page. That also means adding the appropriate buying code to each card page as well.

The new format is also being done as individual pieces so they can be updated one at a time. That will be better....

I got a couple more web pages done on the Gatekeeper Comic within Our Comic Site.

I am also slowly adding more images to Susan's art site. I redid the central links piece and added the "archive" section for older works. I have found the disk with Sue's original DS works and I'm integrating them in. After those I'll add the LR5 and Jyhad art I found. For the Magic followers I put many of Susan's Magic the Gathering Proofs up on E-Bay for sale.

I am hoping to work on a site index for the comics so you can go to specific pages in the site and I had problems sleeping last night so I got a nice chunk of the Features pages done.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

OK, so I did some work.

It is Sunday and I did do some work yesterday. I couldn't help myself. I looked up, resized, uploaded and assembled a 2009 Cat calendar for Sue. We are making it available here at LULU. This is an experiment to see what kind of market there is for something like this. That means we will not be ordering them to carry to conventions. If we find there is a market we will do these every year.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Time Off

Sue got home last evening. I'm very glad to see her. Mocha seems to be very happy Sue is back. Mocha has been good this week, but with Trouble and Sue gone she was a little off. Things are getting back to normal for her now. Mac is hanging around a lot, but she is staying near me. I think she is irritated at Sue for not having been here.

Anyway, I pretty much took the day off, doing just my e-mails and a couple of blog posts.

Sue and I have been talking about everything that has been going on politically and economically. Quite the mess going on out there. I am surprised at how scummy one of the campaigns has gotten. The first election I have memories from was the Nixon/Kennedy campaign way back in 1960. I have never seen anything so disgusting as McCain's campaign. I am afraid the McCain I supported in the late 90's has left the building and been replaced by this disreputable/disgusting anti-American faker. Maybe he fooled me the first time.

In economics. Long ago there was an economic holiday that happened about once a century. It would be declared a "Jubilee" and all debts were cancelled and everything would start over at zero, the Pope declared it. Our current situation could be so bound up that a radical concept may be the only solution that would actually work. All this piecemeal squandering of my tax money just doesn't seem to be helping me, or anyone I know. On the other hand, I do not know any millionaire bankers, so I won't see the goodies.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just Working

I am distracting myself from Troubles death by getting some work done that needs doing.

I have gotten our e-bay store rebuilt, now I need to get the Magic Art Proofs up there. The Link to the e-bay store is here.

I am also planning to get the next few pages of the Gatekeeper comic up today. Hopefully the Template will allow this to be fairly easy. I will stick the comic link in right about here. I need to get a site map built for the site so you can go to particular pages.

Sue is still up north and we are using her iphone and e-mailing to stay in touch. I am surprised at how comforting it is to me to have contact with her. I am also keeping my AIM open ( when I am up and while she is up there, so I am available by that one too.

My Online contacts:
Skype: markeharmon
Google Talk:
twitter: markellisharmon

Monday, October 6, 2008

Memories of a Good Friend

It seems like everywhere I turn I see a memory of Trouble. I have 17 years of them, so I guess it is not surprising.

I was feeding Mocha some of the braunswieger that we had gotten for him just a couple of days before we died and I realized that Trouble had always left her a little of his food for her. Now he has left her his braunswieger. I'm getting that lump in my throat again, yet it is tempered by a smile at the great dog he was.

Mocha is laying here by my feet as I type this. She knows something is not right and she is doing her best to comfort me, the big guy trained her well.

Sue has headed off with her mother to the upper penisula to visit her sister and get some reference photos. I'll be here holding down the fort here until Friday.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

At the Ann Arbor Art Market

We are set up and Sue is selling even as I type.

I have just spent my first work session getting the Gatekeeper Online Comic rolling. So, the link is live to the Gatekeeper Comic. And you could follow this link to see it, or finish reading first, it is up to you.

I am going to take a break, visit the restroom, I need a rest. Then I'll get back to working on more comic to get up!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Very long days

The last couple of days have been bad. Trouble, our 17 1/2 year old puppy, passed on Saturday morning. His kidneys finally gave up and he quite eating or drinking. At 21 lbs he was just a shadow of his 40 lb. self.

I am not feeling too good at the moment. He has been a great loyal friend and I will miss him a lot. I know that it works out to about 110 human years and it was a good run, but I want him here.

I still remember when I first saw him 17 years ago. He was just a puppy and he was trotting along behind Sue. She had walked up to where I was working to have lunch. When I saw him following Sue and looking up at her my first thought was "we have a dog." He knew what he wanted, and he got it.

I have 17 years of excellent memories of Trouble that I will always carry with me. Right now, however, every time I think of him I get choked up. I know that I'll be seeing him as a spirit soon. I miss him and I'm not getting much work done. Despite that, Sue and I will be at the Ann Arbor art market tomorrow.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Comics on the way

I have been tied down, but, besides losing 1/2 pound a day, I have been getting some comics prepared for the web.

What is on its way are the early Gatekeeper comics from 1987. I have the first one scanned and parsed to put up on web pages. We even have a domain to put up the comics. My Online Comics is here.

I have a link on the page back to the Accommodations comic and the cover of Gatekeeper is up there.

The comic itself is something I have not looked at in years. The comic is old enough that it started coming apart as I scanned it.

The story itself is actually quite good and it does show where the work on Grandilar was at back in 1986-87.

The new site is where we will be putting the upcoming Prismatics comic that Sue is working on. This also gives us an opportunity to expand our web advertising. It will give us some auxillary income that will be handy as we go forward.

I am hoping to start putting up the comic this weekend, although the convention/outdoor art market in Ann Arbor Sunday may stop that idea. First I have to get on my feet and get Sue to the show.