Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Gap I See

I have been thinking a lot lately about the different worlds that technology is creating. It has opened up, for me at least, access to the ancient ability to be a storyteller. To use my voice to communicate my ideas. I am just glad that I have lived long enough for the future that suits me to arrive.

At the same time I find that a lot of people that I have grown up with look at me with confusion. They know that the future is here, but they want to stay in the world they grew up in. I can't blame anyone for that, but I don't want to stay "back there".

I don't know how to espress myself on this. I know that people don't know why I do the podcasts. The best explanation I can give is because I have waited all my life to do this, and now I can. I must do it, so I do.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Yes, day off is be come

Friday is off, but I'll be spending it ferrying my mom to doctors..... Saturday I should be back to work, but I'm not sure I'll be able to.

I spent most of the day working on GM sheets and new cards for the Three Worlds game. The next play test session is on Easter. While this process is a load of work, it is fun to be doing something new. Working on the cards gave me a series of ideas for instruction podcasts for Three Worlds. I will have to squeeze them in over the next week. No way I'll get 'em done for Sunday's testing.

I also updated the Mark's Mysteries Blog and website today.

I'm looking forward to seeing what people have to say about the Clanborn podcast on the DS Live Journal. I saw Tim's comment. It gave me a smile.

It's midnight 30 and I think I need a break.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Monday I got all of the DS orders pulled, packed and on there way. For some reason everything I did took way too much time to get done. One of those mondays, I guess.

I spent today polishing the Mark's Mysteries podcast #11 and got a chance to here #10 with all the sound in it. I think it really sounds good. Gregg is improving.

Tomarrow I'll be doing web catch up, a short Grandilar Game Podcast and integrating the new Tark/Three Worlds rpg ideas into the Alpha version. We had a good game Sunday. Looks like I can stop remaking the basic deck, at last. I'm actually trying to build an encounter section for the GM. Should save some time. Should be fun.

For now, I wave at all of you as I head over to the DS Beta board for some light reading.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Saturday I got through three recording sessions for the Mark's Mysteries. One rough of Episode 12 and two of episode 11. That means that I am sending Episode home with Greg after tonights game with Episode 11 to do the music for. He should have episode 10 with him ready for me to put in the art and ready to upload monday.

Tonights game will be a "Third World" alpha test. I have already gotten a few new monster sheets done this morning for the GM. I will be getting new decks done, printed and cut in a while. At this stage there are weekly changes to make. I think it is forming up now so that I'll be able to focus on getting some accessories done this week after the game.

So, back to work with me.

Monday, March 10, 2008

another card set to make

We played three worlds again last night. We had a good time shooting up stuff and enjoyed the demon rain. Afterwards we had a nice long talk and once again there are changes in the alpha version. Means I have to do yet another set of cards with the changes. Once we get this down so the changes aren't weekly I'll start spreading out some test versions. So far it is fun, but different. Sometimes the changes make it hard to cope, we keep slipping into DS think, and it doesn't work in this new world. It is causing us some confusion, but I think we are getting past that one. Well, it is still alpha version, not even ready to go beta. I do like the world we have created, it is a mess.

Enough for now, back to work.

Monday, March 3, 2008

A New Start

After several aborted attempts we have now got a new game idea which we are enjoying playing. We are using the 2d6 system of DS, but we have stripped it down and made some new assumptions. The most difficult task we faced in making something fresh to play was that we had trouble freeing our minds of DS. The new game is going by the name "Three Worlds" at this point. It is a science fiction background and it has some new stats, races, cards and Tech.

If you listened to Mark's Mysteries Episode 7 you got a little look at the new world. The game itself is not compatible with Dragon Storm, even though it shares a common universe. It is a new world. You could do some jury rigging and get the games to mesh, but I think both would loose some of there special flavors, so we won't be doing a crossover from our end.

Considering that it is just Sue and I up here at the Clanhold it means that I will not be able to do as much with DS as I would like. That is part of what is behind my putting up so many DS Beta cards. It will give us a look at which way the Dsr's want Ds to go and gives us a good source of material to publish. We also have several groups working on novel and fun ideas for DS. With five different groups/people working on books and projects for DS I think Sue and I can hang back a bit and let the community guide DS for a time. So we are expecting the submissions to roll in. As for how and who does the publishing, well, we will let the future us deal with those questions.

I'm going to let the current Beta discussions go on for a month to collect opinions and let the community get a chance to play with the cards before moving forward.

So, for today, I'm signing off.