Sunday, August 31, 2008

od game, it was

I finally finished a scenario I had begun in June, but with the conventions and Sue running it took a long time to wind this one up.

They finally hunted down the Skorn Witch and killed her.

The tricky part for me is one Power Player among role-players. The average CP of the group was 143. The Power Player has 128 HP, the next was 54, 50, 48 and 46. Everyone is playing within the rules, but it makes it difficult to be sure he is at least in danger without killing the other characters.

Oh well. Everyone seemed to have fun.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Now, did it work?

If you are seeing this then this blog has moved to

Friday, August 29, 2008

four Chat accounts?

All right then. I seem to have four "Chat/talk" accounts I have information on.

AIM Account:
Google Talk: (Jabber Client)
Live Journal: (Jabber Client)
Skype: markeharmon

AIM, Google and Live Journal (LJ Talk) all can be logged into through ichat, even all at once. Skype is a stand-alone program and must run seperate. My LJ account shows me the "friends" from Live Journal, so I have several of you on there.

Next I need to switch my user name on my Blogger accounts to my gmail and see what Google thinks are "upgrades" that I would get. Of course that will entail several other changes in programs like Mars Edit that I use to post with, but what the heck.

Time to make a mess, again....

Thursday, August 28, 2008


I took Wednesday "off" and did work in the yard. The old place is starting to look like someone lives here. The next project is to teach Trouble and Mocha to scrub and paint the house. If that does not work I'll have to do it myself.

Web sales of art has been snappy so I have been slow in getting the new cards up for DS. Since I said it would go up, it is up, such as it is.

I have come up with a "plan" for cutting down on card production work. The idea is to make most of the older/slower cards available as "Special Orders". The deal would be order any 8 cards for $20.00. That would involve setting up a form to fill in and send. I would then invoice the person and print/send the order. I'm looking for thoughts on this. I will do a longer explanation after some more thought.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Monday is here far too soon. I have too many projects on my mind.

Since I seem to have acquired a follower on my Twitter account I suppose I should say that I am markellisharmon on Twitter. I am sure that what I need is just one more on-line account. Technology, and its potential, fascinates me.

I just sent Sue a series of cards to do art for. I think Pentacon will have cards that expand DS, but there may not be much really exciting.

OK, some work now

We tried something different, we set up at the local open air market for sunday. For a first try, it is promising, and different. Cats and Dragons are popular everywhere it seems.

I'm still doing a good deal of manual labor. It is surprisingly soothing.

Later this week I'll ask myself how I am doing. He's a little ornery and I have to be careful when I talk to me.

Mocha is giving me THAT look. I have got to find that sucker sign I seem to wear.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Recovery Mode

I am recovering by doing a lot of work on the yard and the house. I really need to catch up the web orders....

Well, maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This is different....

We are staying outside of Indy with some of Sue's relatives. Believe it or not I am out in the Gazebo overlooking a nice little lake as the darkness slowly settles in, and I have no idea who's wireless I'm using to do this.

It is only wednesday night and Sue is already working on commissions for the Con. People have been e-mailing her with requests before the Con even starts. Plus we are getting web art print orders to ship out on tuesday when we get back home.

This summer is turning out to be strange, interesting and Fun!

I suppose I should pull up the web page for the new cards and get to work, but a lazy voice is muttering something about "aaa, ya can do that later, can't ya?" I really am good at lazy......

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Holiday Inn Westlake, Cleveland area

I am here at the StormCon DS convention staying at the Holiday Inn.

This stikes me as an older Inn. It is well kept and you do get a "free hot breakfast ticket" with the room. I haven't tried the food, I brought something soothing for the ole tummy. (By the way, why do they call it a free breakfast when I'm paying for a room? If they gave the breakfast free with no room fees paid, that would be special.)

When I opened the room door I took a deep breath and was pleasantly surprised, no obnoxious cleaning fluid smells. That was a good sign. The room was already cool and clean. Nice digs. All the standard features, you know, bed, TV, coffee pot all in working order. Even the bath tube works the way it is supposed to. The wireless is friendly to connect to, but the speed is so-so and seems to hang a bit from time to time. The room also came with davenport and table. I'm sitting on the davenport right now. Comfortable.

The employees are courteous and helpful, but I couldn't help noticing that they smile only when called on to do so. That means to me that the management is good enough to get work done, but not good enough to make the people happy.

Overall I have to give the place 4 Dragons out of five. Considering the cost it is a reasonable place to stay. At this level the wireless could be better and the elevator makes noise that make me nervous.

Thanks for tuning in!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Man Looses Brain

Man looses brain, cat chases brain, man looks befuddled.

OK, that about sums it up. I hit a wall this afternoon and I have come to a halt.

I do feel the regeneration kicking in so I'll be up and at them in the morning. Now, if I could just pin down who "them" is.

StormCon should be fun. We are not taking a display. We will be putting the "stuff" on a couple of tables and wandering off to play. I should be able to handle the 2pm and 7 pm game slots.

I am taking a Valet and a couple of brand spanking new Phoenixes to play.

Oh, I put up a new podcast. I actually did not make time to do it, I did it while cutting cards.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

More Changes and the Laminate Arrives.

Well, we have been testing the new macbook with Sue's new tablet. It turns out that some of her software draws heavily on the graphics card. That means that the older macpro runs them better. Sooo, finally, I get to change computers once again.

In fact, this is my first post from the once again installed Mars Edit for blogging.

This morning the laminate arrived for me to work on the DS cards. This is going to push me into a lot of last minute work. I will probably wind up with a bandage on my wrist for StormCon. Oh, well.. Such is the way of life.

Back to work now.