Monday, July 30, 2012

Working out the weeks schedule

Need to work with Sue to on getting her something to do. Not as easy to do as you would think. She has the vision problems plus she has spikes of mental difficulties that distract her. Frequently it is a choice of working with her or doing my own work.

Got cards done over the weekend for the orders. Need to pack them and get them to the post office.

Have doctors appointments Monday and Thursday to work around.

Prioritize partially finished projects.
GM Primer book, got some good chapter headings, now I need words.
Talking Elethay for the new Talismans and Gift Ceremony. Using info in Kanchaka and Continent books as foundation.
Talking Armor. New shield system is good, it is going to open up the making of magic shields, but takes some explanation to help people know what we mean.
Review and correlate comments on the new Stealth set. Maybe it is good so few people want to speak up.
One more revision of Awareness Betas with Sue, then onward.
Want to update Griffon Betas, because I am using them.
Continue going through Universal sets to get Sue big cards.
Have several requests for beta updates, nightwitches, fire mages, prismatic wizards most frequent requests.
Work on site revisions to drop web sites, cost considerations. Get comics into Sue's site, Guild into DS. Pretty much have the Betas moved, at least the pieces people use.
Revise podcast outlets. Have 35,000+ downloads, but need cheaper server. Also need to get back to them. They are fun to do.
Zazzle needs more images, seeing some responses, and slight income.

Ok, looks like I have a month of tasks here, not a week.

Anyone have suggestions?