Monday, April 21, 2008


I got Sue's new Etsy art store up and running. The site specializes in art and looks to be a good bet for Sue. I just wish one of these outfits would use the same size art samples for there pages. I have to redo them for every outlet. *sigh*.

I have also started redoing Sue's website. With the ease of Etsy I can offload all of the buying stuff to them. I am also going to set up an e-bay store to sell Sue's magic proofs, art prints and see if I can't empty the house and get me some room to move.

The new cards are up and selling. I'm prepping more new cards.

For now, I need coffee and a nap.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

A bit slow right now

I am moving a bit slow at the moment. I'm afraid that the wet, warm weather is setting off my Allergies and bringing my some nice headaches, sniffles, sneaezing and watering eyes. Such is life. I think Trouble has caught my allergies as he helps me sneaze when we go out to walk. The solution, of course, is to stop letting all that nasty air from the outside world into the house and just stay inside. I mean, what is out there that I can't see on video from the computer. Maybe a floating webcam..... I have to check that out.

Sue has gotten me the art for the language cards. I've checked the comments and it looks like they are ready to go. The art above is for common languages. Now I need to assemble the cards and get them up. A webpage and podcast should be done on these as well.

We had a good Tark idea session on Sunday. I think that in a couple of months I may be able to move it to a beta version. That assumes that I can continue to devote substantial time to the project. I'm not sure that with the Con season coming on I can do that. We will see.

Right now I need to get some more stuff up on e-bay to get the money my Uncle Sam wants..... I just luv those special holidays.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

GGP-009 Podcast up

All right then. I got the new podcast done for a new GM cast card. I think the podcast turned out nicely. It gets a sense of the thing across, I hope. I was also able to add some GM and info exploratory info in as I went along. I'm not as happy with the web page write up on the Boar Men as I am with the podcast. The bad part is that the page write up too a much longer time for me to do and it does not convey the game feel nearly as well. Oh well.

Some day I'm going to have to locate a trasnscriber to get the podcast info into a written form. I suspect that they would also have to do a rewrite as the things I do in the podcast would be difficult to transcribe directly into a written version that would make sense.

Right now it has started to rain here and it has sent my nose into a tizzy. Sue is doing a neat piece of artwork for one-eye from the MM podcast that I'll be able to use on the next podcast for art. I'm liking the progress I am making in doing the podcast.

Sue is doing the art for the 2h spear and for the language cards. I expect to get them, and a podcast for them, done in the near future. I have sent her pics of the thievery cards to work on next. I'm assuming that the limited comments on most of these means that people think the text and rules work for them. It is good to have a lot of editors to share the blame with.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

New MM Podcast is up!

MM00-10 podcast is up and available. I also have 11 finished. It is in for touch-up work.
We have been playing the Three Worlds game on a regular basis. It is coming along. Something about crossing Blasters, lightning bolts and demons has an appeal. I'm getting the terminology straightened out through working on the training podcasts. It makes me hear the words and consider what to use as names. The names of the categories and cards give atomosphere for the game. The game is slowly taking a good form.
Trouble is 17 this spring and he can feel the good weather approaching. He is bouncing around like a twelve year old dog. Times are good!