Saturday, September 24, 2011

At Detroit Fanfare

And Hello from Cobo! Seeing a lot of familiar faces. Good Coffee here. The only drawback is the 1.5 hour drive down from home.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making Progress and even writing

I have started setting time aside specifically for writing. It can be for DS books, Guides or for Podcasts. The important thing is to get some words down on paper.

Yesterday I got a couple of hours work done on Hadley's Safe House. It is an adventure and how to for starting players. I have been picking away at it for way too long and need to get it finished. The schedule is to dedicate three yours Monday, Wednesday and Friday to writing and editing my own work. I am going to try 1-4 each day. Yesterday I did reviewing of the work and added about 500 words. Not a big jump, but a good start.

Tonight I am running for our primary play group. They are running DS 2 experimental characters. Sue is running a Gargoyle Reaver with all new cards. So far she is pretty mean. Tonight will be a good test. Tomorrow we will finally talk about the cards she is using. I have several reviews of the new Gargoyle cards from our player/editors. I will be combining all of the changes and putting them together. I am hopeful that I can have a Beta set of cards done and up next week.

Is anyone else concerned that the good old US of A has become number one among western nations in Child Poverty? Is it wrong that we are not talking about this? How did we achieve this notorious position? Why is it OK with our cost cutting congressmen to finance school rebuilding in Iraq and Afghanistan, but not in the US? Is that the kind of decision that has relegated our children to poverty? Oh, and we got #1 for adult poverty too. Go USA!