Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday before Origins/Anthrocon

Twas the sunday before the cons
All through the house a wailing was heard
Even the dogs were anxious for what was happening
But the cat didn't seem to care
For something is undone
Something is being forgotten
Will someone stop the wailing?
OUCH! oh my
It is me that wails

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Attack of the Sue!!!


Bwahahahahahah! Sue has temporarily taken over Mark's blog. This was accomplished by use of a special spell, called 'Cage Friend'. I tested this spell at Marcon and you can see the results above....

Uh, all right, time to return to reality. I'm sitting on our front porch, enjoying a lovely summer day and learning to use Mars Edit, the blogging software Mark discovered. This is a nifty program. Using it, I hope to increase the number and frequency of my blog posts. Keep an eye on my blog to see if I can make this plan a reality.

We now return you to your regular blogging programing......

All Right Now

I am going to have to learn not to eat commercial foods. Last weekend I indulged in some pizza etc. By friday morning I was out of it. Sue took a look at me and said "Call the Doctor and go".

Anyway, I'm on drugs for this again and good old Doc says now that I have my body adjusted to normal human food that I don't have the flora and fauna in my gut to cope with the chemicals any more. I have become adjusted to healthy food and he says that I'm just going to have to stick with the good stuff.

At least this time I had the good sense to listen to Sue and go to Doc before it got too far along. I am already feeling better, so its back to work for me. I did loose much of Wednesday and Thursday to stomach pains, oh well.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Nightly rain has a downside

This nightly rain we are experiencing has me sneezing and breathing rather poorly. This is, I'm afraid, slowing me down. *sigh* So prep for Origins is further behind schedule than usual. We shall see what we see.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

cards, cards, cards

I am printing cards to prep for Origins. I can comfortably get about a dozen sheets a day (120 cards). The new cards we have released so far this year have been selling very well and I an just trying to get those done to be ready for origins. That still gives me time to work on doing e-bay, etsy and try to keep up with the work around here.

We have had a lot of rain up here and our bushes have been growing like weeds around here. I really need to spend a couple of days out in the yard trimming and cleaning. *sigh* Always more work to do....

Friday, June 6, 2008

Good Time for a day off

I spent yesterday cleaning, and prepping computers. Today I rest.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

First Coffee

I got up this morning and staggered to the coffee pot and got it started. When I got my first sip it sent a chill though me, starting the waking process. Once awake I got to work on the GGP 10 podcast that I have been mulling over in the back of my mind for the past month.
I know I should have gone through the podcast a second time, but I did it straight off the top of my head and straight to publishing. If I had done it any other way it would be another month before I finished it. So I'll have to live with the warts, oh well. Hopefully people will enjoy it as is.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Such is Life

Sue and I decided to pick up the Ghost in the Shell season 2 as a "reward" for our first two cons of the summer season. The series is much more complex than anything one would find made in the US. I find myself fascinated by their look at how democracy, goverment, secrecy, intelligence agencies and terrorism play into each other and how they perceive the world. It is, in a way, the discussion of rights and freedom that we are not having. Ah well, I guess I just find myself dreaming of the old days when conservatives and liberals battled for our minds. I don't think either side saw the neo-liberal corporatists sneak up and take over. I know we call them neo-conservatives, but they do not behave like conservatives, they behave like whacked out power hungry liberals. They have us fooled.

Ah yes, I seem to be slipping up. For a moment the cloud eased and I could see. The blissful ignorance will return soon.